Portage Health Foundation Board of Directors

Portage Health Foundation (PHF) desires to have committed, community-minded individuals serving on the Board of Directors and the Committees. It is PHF's hope that each member of the board and committees find this a personally and professionally rewarding experience serving together.

Members of the board of directors should act on behalf of and represent Portage Health Foundation's stakeholders including service recipients, funders, local municipalities/governments, and the citizens of the community. The board consists of up to thirteen (13) members. The composition consists of:

  • Board President / Chair
  • Board Vice President / Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Up to Nine (9) Directors

The time, talents, and contributions invested by each individual who volunteers is greatly appreciated. Below are brief summaries of the board and committees obligations and roles within the PHF. To see the expectations in full detail and learn how to apply to be on the board please click here.

Current Board of Directors

This was last updated on April 3, 2023.

2023-Bernadette-Yeoman-Ouellette-PHF Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette
President / Chair


Brent Peterson
Vice President / Vice Chair
Bruce Rukkila PHF


Bruce Rukkila
Ann Clancy-Klemme PHF


Ann Clancy-Klemme
PHF Headshot Michele Blau


James Bobula


Jamey Markham
PHF Headshot Paul Ollila
Guy St. Germain PHF


Guy St. Germain


All committees, and each member thereof, will serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. The Committees include: Executive Committee, Personnel and Operations Committee, Finance and Investment Committee, and Fund Development Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, chaired by the Vice President / Vice Chair of the Board, subject to those limitations as may be required by law or imposed by resolution of the Board of Directors, may exercise all powers and authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the business and affairs of the PHF between meetings of the Board of Directors. Executive Committee limitations can be found on the detailed document.

Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee, chaired by the Treasurer of the Board, will have dual obligations that include the oversight of PHF’s financial and investment performance.

Financial oversight requires that the committee shall assist in the preparation and presentation of the annual operating budget to the Board; review and monitor the PHF’s financial records and reports and review the quarterly Statement of Activities and Balance Sheet and present to the Board; evaluate and monitor the financial performance and spending of the PHF; participate in the preparation and review of reports for and in the conduct of PHF’s annual financial audit; monitor and ensure the fiduciary obligation of the Board.

Investment oversight requires that the committee shall aid in the development of the PHF’s investment and spending policy and present to the Board; make recommendations for the selection of investment managers/custodians of the PHF portfolio; review quarterly portfolio performance summaries and present a consolidated report showing net performance of the portfolio to the Board; monitor the investments strategies in relations to individual custodian performance and initiatives of the PHF; monitor compliance with the PHF’s spending policy and make recommendations to the Board relative to spending practices based on the performance of the PHF’s investment outcomes.

Grants Management Committee

The Grants Management Committee, chaired by the Secretary of the Board, will serve to ensure adequate and accurate documentation of all granting activities conducted by PHF. PHF activities can be found in the detailed document.

Donor and Community Relations Committee

The Donor Relations Committee, chaired by the Board Chair, will serve to ensure appropriate Donor and Community Relations and will work to identify, develop, and implement strategies for on-going communications, community (public) relations, and donor cultivation strategies and activities that convey and enhance PHF’s public image and donor base. Committee activities can be found on the detailed document.

Current Committee Members

In addition to board members, committees are made up of volunteers. This is updated as of June 14, 2022.f

  • James Bogan
  • Daniel Giachino
  • James Kotajarvi
  • Meredith LaBeau
  • Jonathan Leinonen
  • Savanna Rivest