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Guiding Good Choices

What is Guiding Good Choices?

In six sessions parents and caregivers learn specific strategies to promote healthy development, build family bonds and effective communication. Home practice and weekly family meetings build family connections and help families apply skills in real life.

Guiding Good Choices® emphasizes strong family bonds as the key that motivates preteens to follow family guidelines and stay on a course toward better health and educational outcomes as teenagers.

How does it work?

Guiding Good Choices gives families information and tools that work to protect preteens and teens from the inevitable risks they encounter as they become more independent. Just as important, families will learn ways to build or maintain lasting relationships, because teenagers who are more closely connected to their families have better health and educational outcomes.

At the end of each session, participants learn how to hold a family meeting to share lessons learned or plan some fun family time. This regular time together builds bonds, promotes health, and helps Guiding Good Choices skills become a part of family life.

Take part in Guiding Good Choices

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