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Copper Shores Community Health Foundation proudly supports community events and organizations. Every sponsorship request is reviewed to ensure funding is awarded to activities, events and organizations that best serve the community and advance Copper Shores' mission. 

Grant vs. Sponsorship

Copper Shores routinely receives sponsorship and small grant requests. Both sponsorships and grants serve to advance the health of the community and Copper Shores' mission.

While both requests seek financial contributions, the purpose between sponsorships and grants vary. Copper Shores views sponsorships as promotional opportunities/partnerships that allow us to financially support area organizations and groups designed to improve the health of the community. Grants are often larger financial contributions awarded to organizations to implement or support new or existing programing, services or projects. View our grants page to learn more about grant opportunities. 

Apply for Sponsorship

To apply for a sponsorship, click on the link below and complete the online application. If you need a printable application, please email or call (906) 523-5920. We urge folks to submit their application at least a month prior to the deadline for funding. Submission of an application is not an implied guarantee of funding.

Please note that sponsorship funding is typically limited to $200.


Please contact Copper Shores Community Health Foundation's Marketing and Communications team.