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TOP Club

Teen Outreach Program

What is the Teen Outreach Program?

The Teen Outreach Program (TOP Club) is for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The clubs meet once a week after school to talk about life, learn skills, and connect with other students. No matter what you're into -- sports, art, theater, music, outdoors, pets or something else -- there's a place for you at TOP Club!


In addition to our weekly meetings, our clubs participate in activities like trips to Chutes and Ladders, tubing at Mont Ripley and more!

Community Service Hours

Each club does community service if you need to get those hours in for graduation! We've done clothing drives, trash pick-ups and more.

Science Behind TOP Club

Wyman's evidence-based Teen Outreach Program (TOP) is a positive youth development program designed to help teens build educational success, life and leadership skills, and healthy behaviors and relationships. As a result, teens are better able to navigate challenges during the teenage years - a time when decisions matter.

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TOP Tower activity

What Do TOP Members Do?

  • Teens meet weekly at host schools across the UP
  • Teens participate in monthly group activities (such as sledding at Mount Ripley) with other TOP club students
  • Teens are required to complete at least 20 hours of community service learning over the course of the program year

What Are The Benefits of TOP?

  • Teens build and hone social and emotional skills, like managing emotions, problem-solving, decision-making and empathy, that are proven to help them be successful during the teenage years, and also later in life
  • Teens improve academic performance, and lower risky behaviors like truancy and suspension that lead to dropout

Does your child want to join?

If your middle school student is interested in joining TOP Club at their school, please fill out both forms below.


If you have any further questions

Please email Callisto Cortez at

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Callisto Cortez

Youth Development Specialist