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Crisis Line

Copper Shores Crisis Line

Closed as of June 1, 2024.

The crisis line has closed due to low call volume. Other services and programming at Copper Shores remain operational.

If you or someone else is in immediate danger call 911.

If you or someone else is considering suicide call or text 988.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crisis Line closure 

What number should I call if I am in a crisis? 

If it’s life threatening, call 911. For most crisis calls, 911 is not the proper call to make unless it’s a situation where someone is going to die or has been/will be injured.  Dial 988 if the crisis is suicide related. Beyond that there are so many resources available to you. We've put together a list of resources our staff has vetted at

Why is this happening?

The needs of our community and availability of 24/7 crisis lines have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Locally, our call volume has gone down dramatically. At one point we were seeing nearly 10 calls per day, and that has dropped to just over one call per day in 2023. The vast majority of those calls are no longer related to suicide or other immediate crisis. At the same time, the number of high quality, well funded nation support lines has increased just as dramatically. There are specialized numbers for many, many needs that are now available. The biggest being 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline launching in 2022, which coincided with our most dramatic decrease in calls to date. 

What happens if someone calls the crisis line number after May 31, 2024?

An automated message will be on the line directing people where to go until call volume is virtually nonexistent and the number is discontinued. 

What happens to the crisis line workers?

No jobs are being lost or dramatically affected as part of this transition. 

What about the rest of the programming that used to be at Dial Help?

All other programming is still in place with prevention programming now under Copper Shores Outreach & Education, and the Victim Services Unit now known as Copper Shores Victim Support. Both of those divisions have been doing incredible work in Michigan's Copper Country for more than 40 years, and will continue to happen moving forward.  

How are you telling the community?

We notified our partners in late March about the change with a letter. A press release was sent to local media shortly after, and we will be advertising the information on local media outlets and on social media. Some of the people who call our crisis line regularly are receiving individualized calls with the news as well. 

Is the Copper Shores Sexual Assault Hotline replacing the Crisis Line?

No and yes. The Sexual Assault Hotline is not replacing the Crisis Line in the fact that it's not a number to call for any and all crisis situations. The Sexual Assault Hotline was created to help victims and survivors of sexual assault in our four-county service area (Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw and Ontonagon counties) connect with qualified professionals who can guide them through a difficult time and, if needed, connect to our Victim Support division, which is available to respond locally 24/7/365.

Need more assistance?

If you still have questions, comments, or concerns please contact Kristine Martens, Copper Shores Outreach and Education Program Director, and the team member spearheading this transition at