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Meet our team.

Meet Our Team

One of the Success Factors that Copper Shores we have identified is people. Copper Shores employs, engages, develops, and retains high-caliber employees and Board Directors. Copper Shores believes that we can more effectively help the community by hiring the best people possible.

Michael Babcock - Featured Image
Michael Babcock - Featured Image

Michael Babcock

Director of Marketing and Donor Relations
Amy Baker - Featured Image

Amy Baker

Community Support Coordinator
Sandra Bentley - Featured Image

Sandra Bentley

Congregate Site Coordinators - Lakeview Manor
Natasha Berg - Featured Image

Natasha Berg

Director of Human Resources and Compliance
James Berryman - Featured Image

James Berryman

Route Driver - Osceola
Adam Campbell-Olszewski - Featured Image

Adam Campbell-Olszewski

Marketing Associate
Jessica Carlson - Featured Image

Jessica Carlson

Community Support Specialist
Kim Cook - Featured Image

Kim Cook

Cook - Hancock
Callisto Cortez - Featured Image

Callisto Cortez

Youth Development Specialist
Corinne Cortez - Featured Image

Corinne Cortez

Head Cook - Hancock
Richard Cortez - Featured Image

Richard Cortez

Food Service Specialist
Rebecca Crane - Featured Image

Rebecca Crane

Senior Program Director
Richelle Dube - Featured Image

Richelle Dube

Heidi Ek - Featured Image

Heidi Ek

Accounting Clerk
Matthew Erickson - Featured Image

Matthew Erickson

Food Service Specialist
Zane Freeman - Featured Image

Zane Freeman

Congregate Site Coordinator - Chassell
Kim Green - Featured Image

Kim Green

Connie Greenleaf - Featured Image

Connie Greenleaf

Office Manager
Jerri Gruber - Featured Image

Jerri Gruber

Kitchen Helper
Loraine Hanover - Featured Image

Loraine Hanover

McKenzie Hart - Featured Image

McKenzie Hart

Office Clerk
Kathleen Harter - Featured Image

Kathleen Harter

Program Director - Nutrition Programer
Melissa Helppi - Featured Image

Melissa Helppi

Tribin Holbrook - Featured Image

Tribin Holbrook

Kitchen Manager
Emilie Jacques - Featured Image
Emilie Jacques - Featured Image

Emilie Jacques

Marketing Associate
Meghan Jaszczak - Featured Image

Meghan Jaszczak

Community Health Educator

Kassy Kallio

Community Support Specialist & Michigan Certified Peer Recovery Coach
Fay Kemppainen - Featured Image

Fay Kemppainen

Congregate Site Coordinator - Maple Lane
Barbara King - Featured Image

Barbara King

Keweenaw Pines Site Manager
Tyler Kinnunen - Featured Image

Tyler Kinnunen

Finance Director
Virginia Lambert - Featured Image

Virginia Lambert

Program Director - Victim Support
Rachel Lamppa - Featured Image

Rachel Lamppa

Helen Love - Featured Image

Helen Love

Route Driver - Laurium
Connor Lydon - Featured Image

Connor Lydon

Route Driver - Chassell
Ginny Machiela - Featured Image

Ginny Machiela

Research & Sustainability Coordinator
Kristine Martens - Featured Image

Kristine Martens

Program Director - Community Outreach and Prevention
Christina Mayworm - Featured Image

Christina Mayworm

Community Support Specialist
Jessica Mills - Featured Image

Jessica Mills

Program Assessor
Mary Jo Munch - Featured Image

Mary Jo Munch

Grants Manager / Program Coordinator
Mary Rees - Featured Image

Mary Rees

Congregate Site Coordinator - Keweenaw Pines
Brian Rendel - Featured Image

Brian Rendel

Program Director - Community Counseling and Wellness
Jamilia Richardson-Geisler - Featured Image

Jamilia Richardson-Geisler

On-Call Float
Emily Rogers - Featured Image

Emily Rogers

Route Driver - Lake Linden
Scott Sakkinen - Featured Image

Scott Sakkinen

Route Driver - Keweenaw Pines
Richard Simpson - Featured Image

Richard Simpson

Operations Director
Lisa Simpson - Featured Image

Lisa Simpson

Prevention Coordinator
Gregg Stahl - Featured Image

Gregg Stahl

Food Service Specialist
Michael Steber - Featured Image

Michael Steber

Program Director - Copper Shores Bridges
Kevin Store - Featured Image

Kevin Store

President / CEO
Carey Sullivan - Featured Image

Carey Sullivan

Keith Zerbst - Featured Image

Keith Zerbst

Route Driver - Lake Linden