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Local Partners

Local farmers, producers and growers

Bettering our Copper Country cuisine

More than $1.28 million

Boosting the local agricultural economy

In 2023, Copper Shores Meals on Wheels received a $1.28 million grant from the Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement. This grant will go towards kitchen and facility improvements, as well as boosting the local agricultural economy by setting up partnerships with farmers and producers in a 400 mile radius around our kitchen.

Meals on Wheels is privileged to work with a network of dedicated farmers, producers, and growers who supply us with a wide variety of fresh and delicious ingredients. From vegetables to local meat to dairy products, our partners provide us with the essential building blocks for healthy and fresh meals.

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The benefits of local food

For homebound residence in the Copper Country

We are proud to showcase our collaboration with local farmers, producers, and growers to bring fresh and local food to homebound residents in the Copper Country.

By sourcing our ingredients locally, we are able to provide homebound residents with food that is not only fresher and more flavorful but also supports the local economy. Additionally, buying local allows us to forge meaningful connections with our community and build a more resilient food system for the Copper Country.

Boersma Family Roots CSA and Farm

We purchase

  • Garlic, potatoes, carrots, lettuces, broccoli, peppers, kale


Boersma Family Roots CSA and farm is located in Calumet, MI. They are a family farm that has built from the ground up and is still growing. They raise a diverse selection of veggies, chickens and pigs for meat/eggs. All of their practices align with the natural harmony of the earth to the best of their ability. They do not spray their crops or anywhere on their land.



Bread Loafers Bakery

  • Croissants 

Bread Loafers Bakery in Hancock provides a variety of delicious bread and bakery treats. From croissants to fritters, this bakery has something for everyone. Open Thursday-Saturdays.

Eden Greens LLC

We purchase

  • Assorted microgreens


The germination of Eden Greens began with the desire to grow superior quality micro greens on a year-round basis. The concept grew into the idea of providing a premium product to the people of the Keweenaw. Eden Greens is committed to proper food safety standards in the growing, harvesting, packaging and delivering of our micro greens.

Erickson's Feed and Seed

We purchase

  • Locally raised beef


They are a locally owned and operated Feed, Seed, & Pet Supply Headquarters in the Copper Country Since 1960. Here to serve Copper Country residents, their greatly appreciated customers.

Frozen Farms Co., LLC

We purchase

  • Locally raised beef and pork


Their animals get to graze on open pasture in the beautiful Copper Country of Michigan's Upper Peninsula! They are a family of 7 with a passion for pasture raised animals. Customers can purchase beef, lamb and pork, along with some fun sauces, spices, soups, local honey & syrup and kitchen items.



Ghost House Farm

We purchase

  • Editable flowers, loose leaf lettuce, tomatoes


They practice careful crop rotations, use only organic fertilizers and raise farm animals to help close the nutrient loop. Salad is their thing. Their salad mix is ready to eat straight out of the bag because it’s triple-washed. In addition to salad, they grow early season tomatoes, cucumbers, edible flowers and lots of other summer freshness.



Hattia Farm

We purchase

  • Rutabaga, corn, beef


A local man with a lot of heart, raising a few cows and growing plenty of vegetables.

King Orchards

We purchase 

  • Tart cherries, dried cherries, and apple pie filling


They are a full service orchard in the heart of Northern Michigan growing a variety of fresh fruit that typically begin in June with strawberries and run until October with apples. They have two fruit stands for local sales, including fresh bakery items made with their own fruit.

Krupp's Mini Mart

  • Pasties

Krupp's provides gas, propane, oil, DNR permits, seasonal camping, fishing, hunting, outdoor stuff, apparel, health and beauty, groceries, beer/wine, liquor, breakfast sandwiches, hot sandwiches, and their famous pasties 7 days a week.


North Harvest CSA

We purchase

  • Carrots, radishes, greens, apples


Their farm produces a wide variety of high quality vegetables, fruits & herbs that are free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. They use a mix of pelletized chicken compost, local composted cow manure, worm castings & amendments to fertilize the soil. They use low till methods, crop rotation and are in the process of creating permanent beds in their gardens.



Peterson's Fish Market

We purchase

  • Lake Superior whitefish and lake trout


They are a small, family-owned & operated business located in Hancock, MI on US-41. They sell fresh fish & smoked fish to the general public, sell fish at wholesale prices & quantities to restaurants all over the United States, and operate a take-out style restaurant in the summer that we sell our award-winning fish fry baskets out of.



U.P. Foods

We purchase

  • Jams


They are a family-owned and operated small canning and processing business. They have been in business for over 25 years and specialize in making jams, jellies, ethnic canned goods, seasonal treats and Finnish cheese. All of their products are made the old fashioned way to maintain their home-style flavor people would expect.


We purchase

  • Sausages


Since 1915, Vollwerth & Co. of Hancock has been preparing delectable sausage in a time honored, traditional way. The recipes handed down by Richard Vollwerth and the original brick-lined, old world smokehouse that were used for 100 years continue to give Vollwerth sausage its distinctive taste and distinguished place of honor.

Whispering Wild Market Farm

We purchase

  • Lamb
  • Garlic


This family farm is located in nearby Toivola. One of the many jobs their family does is to work in the 2 acre garden and hoop houses, growing fruit and veggies with natural methods. They grow produce for not only their family to enjoy, but for their benefactors (in-laws), winter stores, trade, the local Farmer’s Markets and for their growing CSA. In addition to the produce they grow, chickens, ducks, Berkshire pigs and rabbits are raised for eggs and meat.



Become a partner

For more information on eligibility and becoming a partner through the LFPA grant, email Rich Simpson, Copper Shores Meals on Wheels operations director at

Help feed someone in need

Copper Shores won't stop preparing delicious locally sourced meals once the LFPA grant is spent. Part of the LFPA grants purpose is to set up sustainable food systems that live beyond the life of the grant. To help continue bringing healthy, fresh, and local food to homebound residents, please consider donating. Your generosity helps Meals on Wheels continue to build relationships with local partners and feed homebound residents the very best.