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Route Driver - Lake Linden

Emily Rogers

Meals on Wheels

About Emily Rogers

I am originally from Oregon and have a BA in Fine and Applied Arts. I enjoy spending time with animals, being outdoors, reading, taking photographs, and creating artwork with repurposed materials.

Favorite Restaurant

Rodeo Mexican Kitchen

Your Why

I have always wanted to be a helper, especially in populations that are traditionally underserved. I love being of use to my community and helping our seniors access services that can help them enjoy life more fully. I especially love being more connected with my community, and learning about the history of the area through conversations with our seniors.

Favorite Local Nonprofit

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Fun Fact

I live in a 120-year-old schoolhouse, which my husband and I are working to restore!

Pasty Preference


1 (906) 483-1155