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Copper Shores awarded 2023 Innovation/Transformation Sparkplug Award

March 22, 2024 | By Emilie Jacques

Copper Shores was honored and delighted to accept the 2023 Innovation/Transformation award at the Keweenaw Community Sparkplug Awards. With the acquisition of two historic Copper Country companies and a full rebrand of three companies into one, 2023 was truly a metamorphic year for Copper Shores Community Health Foundation. By coming together as one, Copper Shores has been able to strengthen administrative ties and bring more resources to the people working to make a difference in the lives of Copper Country residents.

2024-03-22-Sparkplug-Winner--1x1The 2024 SparkPlug Awards dinner took place Thursday, March 21 at the Memorial Union Building at Michigan tech with three nominations for Copper Shores Community Health Foundation, including two Copper Shores employees recognized as nominees for Community Contributor of the Year – Michael Steber and Kassy Kallio.

The SparkPlug Awards, hosted by the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce, has been around for more than a decade, celebrating amazing businesses, people and nonprofit organizations in the Copper Country. Each year, community members and groups are honored for their growth, innovation and contributions to the community.

Copper Shores is grateful for the recognition received at the Sarkplug Awards and those on the selection committee who felt the foundation has made an impact. Without continued support from community partners and Copper Country residents, Copper Shores would not be able to pave a new path forward in community health.

2023 Copper Shores Sparkplug Award Nominations

Innovation and Transformation nomination - “Copper Shores Community Health Foundation had a significant transformation and not only by their new name! Their mission of positively influencing a healthy community has shown so much over the last year. They have been prominent in the community with different events, ideas and collaborations.”

Kassy Kallio (Community Contributor of the Year nomination) - “Kassy is a professional photographer that attends local sports games in the area and takes amazing pictures that she freely shares. It is such a blessing and a gift to our community that Kassy helps provide parents and families with treasured memories.”

Michael Steber (Community Contributor of the Year nomination) - “Mike Steber took a very difficult idea and absolutely knocked it out of the park with the launch of Copper Shores Bridges. Mike took no shortcuts and made the connections needed to help nearly 20 people graduate from the Getting Ahead class and start a path toward a more stable life. Truly incredible what he accomplished in 2023 with that program.”

Copper Shores Sparkplug Awards Nominations

  • 2017 – Innovation/Transformation
  • 2018 – Customer Service
  • 2018 – Copper Country Strong Spark Plug Award
  • 2019 – Customer Service
  • 2021 – Young Professional of the Year (Dr. Michelle Seguin)
  • 2021 – Young Professional of the Year (Michael H. Babcock)
  • 2023 - Community Contributor of the Year (Michael Steber)
  • 2023 - Community Contributor of the Year (Kassy Kallio)
  • 2023 - Innovation/Transformation

Learn more about the Sparkplug Awards at

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Emilie Jacques

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