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Join Meghan at the Market for Live Q&A

October 1, 2023 | By Emilie Jacques

Our very own Meghan Jaszczak, registered dietitian and Community Health Educator is joining one of the last rounds of outdoor markets for the From the Ground Farmers Market Collective season. For people who have ever had an inquiry and wanted a trusted source, now is the time to ask!

Jaszczak will be at the Houghton Farmers Market on October 3, the Hancock Farmers Market  on October 5 and the Calumet Farmers Market on October 7. She is staying at the markets all day to make sure that anyone who has a question can get an answer.2023-09-27-Copper-Shores---Meghan-At-The-Market---Social---OL-Instagram

“People can ask me how to creatively use what’s in season at the market right now, learn about the nutrition content of what’s at the markets and beyond! I’m happy to chat about nutrition trends or share resources like recommended cookbooks, and can help tailor those recommendations depending on peoples’ dietary needs, budget and preferences.”

Back in the spring of this year, Jaszczak sent out a community wide survey looking for residents’ thoughts on food accessibility and outreach needs. The Community Nutrition Education Needs Survey had 116 responses, which Jaszczak used to plan outreach and nutrition education tailored to the various community needs in the Copper Country. 

Meghan at the Market is one of the first pieces of programming that is being implemented after viewing the results of the survey.

“It’s a first step to get out in public,” said Jaszczak. “To start those conversations in person and connect without anything super formal.”

There are countless misconceptions about nutrition and what it looks like, and tastes like, to eat healthy. Jaszczak is excited to debunk nutrition myths and show Copper Country residents that healthy eating can be delicious, full of flavor, affordable, and easy to make.

“I want to be the foodie friend who will give a realistic but honest take and walk through it together,” said Jaszczak. “I’m not coming in as the food police, it's really about hearing what the person is saying and helping support them. Nutrition can be complicated in a lot of ways, but it doesn't have to be.”

By bringing Meghan at the Market to various From the Ground locations, Jaszczak hopes to share her skills and knowledge directly with the people.

“It’s a huge mental load for people to figure out what healthy looks like for them,” said Jaszczak. “I’m hoping that by having a credible person that people feel comfortable approaching, we can make that process less daunting together. My goal is to give people the information to empower themselves and make change that lasts.”

Come on out to the farmers market and find Meghan at the Market. Jaszczak will help you with just about any inquiry. Though she cannot provide individual medical advice, she is excited to help you make a breakthrough!  Enjoy a snack while visiting Meghan at the Market and take home some exciting and healthy recipes.

Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

"I graduated from Michigan Tech with a B.S. in Psychology, a minor in Communication Studies, and a minor in Media Production. I love the outdoors and DnD." You can reach Emilie at