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Lindenberg helps guide Bridges Investigators through finances

November 22, 2023 | By Emilie Jacques

Opportunities can be positively life changing, if one has the guidance to harness it. Copper Shores Bridges aims to both create opportunities for, and guide people through, new experiences. To help them become more financially independent and stable. 

Bridges has multiple classes focused on different aspects of financial literacy, saving, investing and planning. Investigators who participate in these courses are guided through a series of workshops and discussions with financial professionals and each other. They also receive hands-on help setting up bank accounts, savings plans, ending debt and learning about loans, insurance, interest and more.Jill Lindenberg

The program is designed to move with people throughout their journey, with classes that become progressively more advanced. The second class of many, Money Matters, is focused on looking more in-depth and personal with Investigators’ finances. Like Getting Ahead, the first course in the program, Money Matters is a 16-week course, led by an actual financial advisor who lives and works in the Copper Country. 

Jill Lindenberg, Branch Manager at Superior National Bank in Houghton, has been volunteering her time over the last four months to work with the investigators in Money Matters. Lindenberg was first introduced to Bridges during a Houghton Rotary meeting where Mike Steber, the Bridges Program Director, gave a presentation. With her years of experience in financial education at the elementary, middle and high school levels, she was excited to help and take on the new experience of working with adults. 

“I enjoy getting to know them,” said Lindenberg of her time with the Money Matters Investigators. “I  really appreciated their honesty and vulnerability and their desire to really change their circumstances.They are very receptive to anything they could learn.”

Lindenberg is pleased to see that financial education is being required in schools once again after years of being cut, but understands that there is a large gap of people who received little-to-no education on finances.

“Finances are a huge part of anyone's life, whether you're currently unemployed and scraping to get by or you're a millionaire,” said Lindenberg. “It's a big cause of strain in many people's lives. If we can help reduce pain and stressors then I am happy to give my time. The only time we should look down to people is to offer them a hand up.”

If you are interested in joining the Bridges community and positively impacting the lives of others, please consider giving your time and reach out to Michael Steber, the Bridges program director at

Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

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