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Ring of Silence Director Nicole Bowers Wallace Discusses Film

When Film Director Nicole Bowers Wallace was first presented with the idea of making a film about human trafficking, she had questions. It’s a touchy subject she didn’t know a lot about, but the more she dove in, the more she knew she was appalled. She interviewed investigators from the FBI, human trafficking activists and victims of human trafficking to get a full picture of them problem. Once she had that knowledge, she knew she had to do it. In this edition of the PHF Podcast, she talks about the process to educate herself, what it was like to create the film (her first full feature film) and what the response has been since it originally premiered in 2019. The film will be making its Copper Country premiere on Tuesday, February 8 at Hancock Central High School. The event will open with a reception at 5:30, the film will be played at 5:30 and a question-and-answer session will follow. Learn more about the event, the film and human trafficking at