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Kassy Kallio

2023-12-06-- E-News-Graphic--December-DoGood-Winners

Kassy is at every event - at just about every local school she can get to, taking high-quality pictures for free. And you can just have these amazing action shots of your athlete, band member, student, whatever. She's at parades, celebrations, meets, tournaments - you name it. Things her kids don't even participate in, she's there. And she gets a shot of everyone. It warms my heart to see the action shots but also the camaraderie behind the scenes. Kassy captures that for all of us out of the goodness of her heart. Not all family members are able to attend events at school. So being blessed with access to such beautiful photos is a godsend. I love and appreciate that about her. Her hard work and dedication deserve some recognition. She's a gem and treasured by the school community.