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Rob Rowe



Rob is a Jack of all Trades with a giving heart. He does countless things for others. If you need help with a project, he's there. Rob is an amazing volunteer to all people in the Copper Country, young and old. He takes younger children to nursing homes to visit the elderly. I've witnessed him cutting down trees for others, taking older folks to visit their loved ones, stopping by peoples' houses and giving them produce out of his garden. He's very generous with his time. He organized a fundraiser for a new CNC machine for Dollar Bay schools. What a blessing. He had another fundraiser for a different piece of equipment last year as well. Just recently he brought topsoil from his house, donated it to the school and spread it with his tractor. He proceeded to buy seed and straw, plant it and water it. He is definitely one of the most giving people I know, and our community wouldn't be the same without him.