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Money Matters

Money Matters is designed to help investigators take an in-depth and personal look at finances. Investigators will discover all about ways to become more financially stable. Like Getting Ahead, Money Matters is a 16-week course. This course is led by actual financial advisors who live and work in the Copper Country. 

In order to take Money Matters, individuals must be a graduate of the Getting Ahead program. This rule is in place because in order for someone to take an in-depth and personal look at finances, they first need to learn the foundations of Getting Ahead! Learn more about Getting Ahead here.

Money Matters Instructor Jill Lindenberg

What to Expect

Investigators will be taking a look at their income and budget while learning new financial information that can help them create a better future story. 

Lessons include but are not limited to:

  • Getting organized
  • Analyzing wants vs needs
  • Credit and banking skills
  • Analyzing where the money goes
  • Monthly budgets
  • Savings and investing
  • Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” class which includes
    • Emergency funds
    • Analyzing debt
    • Analyzing credit cards
    • Plan for retirement and college funding for the future

Start Your Journey

Getting Ahead is only the beginning of a journey with Copper Shores Bridges. Educating one’s self on finances with Money Matters is just the next step to Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ By World. 

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