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Borrowed Strength - Lamppa Hired as Victim Advocate

July 17, 2023 | By Emilie Jacques

Copper Shores Community Health Foundation is excited to announce the arrival of Rachel Lamppa as a Victim Advocate. Lamppa was hired in June of 2023 to join the team and will be advocating for children and adults who have been sexually assaulted, including walking through the legal and healing process with victims and their families. 

Lamppa will be working in both Copper Shores Advocacy and Victim Support as well as the Child Advocacy Center (CAC), with duties including advocating for youth victims and their families in court, connecting victims with resources, and providing emotional support for the victims and their loved ones during this difficult time. Her history with children will be of great use in the CAC.2023-07-17 Rachel Lamppa - New Employee Welcome - Social - Instagram - OL

“She comes equipped with a lot of empathy and an understanding of the way children's brains work, and how to best help children start their recovery journey,” said Virginia Lambert, Program Director of Copper Shores Advocacy and Victim Support.

In addition to working in Advocacy and Victim Support, she will also be working with Copper Shores Community Outreach and Prevention to give presentations and spread awareness for sexual assault and the help that is available for victims.

After graduating from Cornerstone University, Illinois-native Lamppa took up elementary teaching, eventually becoming a Family Advocate for the children and families of a Head Start program. Lamppa eventually landed a role as a children's pastor, participating in community wellness programs like raising funds for rehab patients, walking through drug court with people and even starting a single moms home. After fixing up a trailer park for people in need, Lamppa realized that her passion for helping people spreads far beyond just children. 

“That was my next step,” Lamppa explained. “I have a passion for walking through hard times with people and helping them make their next steps.”

The job of a Victim Advocate requires flexibility, guiding each individual through their journey and personal healing process. Lamppa leads people to the resources that empower them to take their own next step, whatever that may be. With the addition of Lamppa to the team, victims will now be able to access more complete services.

"We were so overextended,” explained Lambert. “She is a very important part of our organization, especially for the victim service team to get things to run smoothly and provide services to all of the people in need.”

Lamppa will be fully certified as a Victim Advocate by September of 2023, and hit the ground running with her responsibilities. She looks forward to working with community members and doing her part to support others.

“I hope to meet people in their hard moments and be able to be their borrowed strength, lead them to resources that can empower them to make their next steps,” said Lamppa.

To learn more about Advocacy and Victim Support, visit

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