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May 2024 Meals on Wheels menu highlight

April 25, 2024 | By Emilie Jacques

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 10.51.20 AMWhile local producers and farmers are getting ready for the growing season, Copper Shores Meals on Wheels is busy planning alongside them, working to increase the number of local offerings at Meals on Wheels. The May 2024 menu will offer a variety of selections like hearty greens, Lake Superior fish and low sodium sausage made by our friends at Vollwerth’s in Hancock.

“Sodium is an essential nutrient that supports key processes throughout the body and can enhance flavor, texture and keep foods safe,” said Meghan Jaszczak, Copper Shores community health educator. “However, consuming too much sodium, particularly in the aging population, can contribute to high blood pressure, so keeping a watchful eye on your intake is important.”

The low-sodium sausage is something Vollwerth’s specially created for Copper Shores Meals on Wheels. It’s a great example of our community coming together to support our seniors.

Almost every single meal in the month of May includes food that was purchased from local producers, bakers or farmers.2024-04-24-Meals-on-Wheels---Menu---May-Advertising---OL--1x1

  • Pannukakku will be delivered on Monday, May 6 with a 12 oz jar of maple syrup from Danielson’s Sugarbush for every single senior, as well as a special batch of low sodium Vollwerth’s breakfast sausage made just for Meals on Wheels.
  • On Wednesday, May 8, seniors will be delivered meatloaf with Michigan bison from Circle K, one of the many partners that Copper Shores has worked with through the LFPA grant. This was a hit when it was delivered to seniors in April! 
  • Thursday, May 9, will feature bright and flavorful salads with fresh greens from Ghost House Farm
  • On Friday, May 10, seniors will be served local fish from the Keweenaw Fish Co., one of our newest partners.
  • On Monday, May 20, seniors will be treated to homemade lasagna with ground beef that was raised by Frozen Farms Co., right here in the Copper Country.
  • Seniors will find apple crisp as a part of their meals on Friday, May 31, provided by our partners, King’s Orchard.

As changes have been made to the sourcing and processing of food at Meals on Wheels, staff have been able to focus on how they prepare the food, balancing nutrition and flavor. To learn more about Meals on Wheels efforts to bring local foods to seniors, visit

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Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

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