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Mayworm joins the Copper Shores team in brand new role

March 8, 2024 | By Emilie Jacques

Copper Shores Community Health Foundation is delighted to welcome Christina Mayworm to the team. Mayworm was recently hired as the Community Support Specialist at Copper Shores, a brand new position in Copper Shores’ Outreach and Education department. 

This new position and Mayworm's appointment to it make for exciting new possibilities and opportunities in the Copper Country.2024-03-07-Christina-Mayworm---New-Employee-Graphics---OL-1x1

"Christina has already proved to be an asset for family services,” said Amy Baker, community support coordinator at Copper Shores Outreach and Education. “She shows compassion and strength, and is working hard to help make changes with families in the community." 

Mayworm has lived in the Copper Country for most of her life, calling the quiet Mass City home as a teenager and graduating from Ontonagon High School. Mayworm later attended Finlandia University, at the time Suomi College, and received her associates degree followed by a bachelor's degree in Rural Human Services. 

“I know in this field it can feel like we are spinning our wheels when offering people help,” said Mayworm. “If I can make a difference for just one family, it will feel like a success.”

Of course, Mayworm intends to help far more than just one family. As the Community Support Specialist, Mayworm will be exploring the systems that perpetuate and underpin the needs of Copper Country families and champion their voices. 

"As a young mother, I experienced challenges with basic necessities, an often-humiliating experience that I will never forget,” said Mayworm. “I understand the feeling of need and I hope to always illustrate the stressfulness of that and bring hope and understanding to those I serve."

Mayworm looks forward to furthering her understanding of the specific needs of residents in the community, and developing programming that is designed to assist people in getting on their feet. This includes working with local families on a regular basis and helping break the cycles they may find themselves in.

To learn more about Copper Shores Outreach and Education, visit To contact Mayworm, email

Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

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