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VIDEO: Capturing Kids’ Hearts Inspiring Copper Country Teachers

December 21, 2021 | By Mark Riutta

Teachers in Michigan’s Copper Country have been adding to their repertoire the last couple of years with training from the great people at Flippen Group as Portage Health Foundation has funded Capturing Kids’ Hearts training.

This training has taken place at most Copper Country schools in that time, with several schools in their second year with it, and Calumet Public Schools midway through their fourth year! It focuses on helping educators make more meaningful connections to students. Lake Linden-Hubbell special educator teacher Melissa Corrigan put it best by saying “teaching kids how to be people” because “it’s what makes the difference.”

Watch this video to get a better feel for why and how this has been so meaningful in our area schools!

Learn more about Capturing Kids Hearts


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Mark Riutta