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Resilient Reads Book Club

Book clubs offer a comfortable environment where individuals can explore reading as a tool for healing. By engaging with the journeys and narratives of each book, participants can find solace, inspiration and guidance for their own healing process.

Participants are invited to share their experiences, emotions and insights about the book in a safe space, spreading the wealth of healing to others with similar experiences.

Resilient Reads Book Club is for anyone 18 years or older that has experienced trauma or second-hand trauma.


About Resilient Reads


May 22 - 1st meeting, discussing “The Origins of You” by Vienna Pharaon.

  • The first read is about breaking family patterns and building healthy and loving relationships.
Check back for an updated list as books are reviewed and selected.

To join

Email Victim Support Advocate Rachel Lamppa at to receive a free copy of the latest book and learn more about meeting for Resilient Reads.

More information

If you have any questions about Resilient Reads, meeting times and locations, receiving a book, or joining, please email Rachel Lamppa, an advocate at Victim Support at

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