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Tyler Swank



Tyler started coming to Open Makerspace and helping with various projects that needed to be done to improve the space. He has spent his own money and used his own materials to set up our 3D printing station, as well as spent hours upgrading our computers, which were basically useless when we got them, and setting up a functional computer lab for CAPE. Tyler also spends his time finding ways to improve on our technology to help make our workspace more effecient for the CAPE staff. He has brightened our day by bringing his rescue dog in to share her love with the kids that join us in the Makerspace. And as small as that may seem, it really brings joy to the students. Tyler has also helped by bringing in other volunteers that have done work for CAPE, such as his friend in Colorado that worked to improve our Driver's Education content, and a local friend that assisted with setting up the computer lab and donated a 3D printer, laptop, and various other materials. During Tyler's last Arduino Workshop, he had 3 young gentleman that could not stop asking questions about how the various equipment works. Tyler has been such an amazing asset to CAPE and the Makerspace and expects no recognition for his volunteering.