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Investing in our Future by Helping Gabby Bosley Achieve Her’s

October 17, 2023 | By Sophia Goulette

Nothing meant more to Gabby Bosley than going to college near the home, community and people she loved. Bosley, a senior at Michigan Technological University majoring in psychology and minoring in public health, grew up in nearby Chassell. Bosley’s neighbors were like family and the community supported each other through everything. Though living in Chassell, she went to the Houghton-Portage Township Schools for grades K-12. Her community meant so much to her that she decided it was her dream to work in Michigan’s Copper Country in the future and to give back to her community. 

Bosley witnessed MTU’s influence in the community from a young age. Her parents and teachers went to Tech, she visited the campus often during school field trips and she frequently attended the university’s events. When it came time to begin making college decisions, Bosley knew she wanted to go to a small university with people she was close to. She also knew she wanted to be prepared to fulfill her dream of working in her beloved community. She felt connected to Tech because of its prevalence in her life, but was not sure if it was possible to attend with the price of tuition.Gaby-Bosley-1x1-2

Bosley heard about the scholarships provided by Copper Shores Community Health Foundation from her teachers, friends who were past recipients and fellow parishioners at St. Anne Church. With her hopes of remaining near home for college riding on the outcome of Copper Shores’ decision, Bosley submitted her application. 

When Bosley heard she received these scholarships, she was ecstatic. Without them, Bosley would not have been able to go Tech, stay in her hometown and eventually work in her community. 

“Being able to stay in the community and know people is really comforting,” Bosley said. “Without these scholarships, I would not have had the comfort of going to college in my community and with the people I grew up with.”

Bosley now works in the Houghton School District as a Parapro as she finishes her fourth year at MTU. She assists in small groups, helps at recess and builds strong relationships with students. Being able to do this job while attending college is important to Bosley. 

“Seeing some of the same teachers and kids whose parents I knew when I was growing up is really cool,” Bosley said.

She participates extensively in the campus community as the co-president of The Well-being Advocates at Michigan Tech, and volunteers at the local food pantry and Omega House. After graduating from Tech, she hopes to attend graduate school and come back to the Copper Country to work in the community she grew up in as an occupational therapist. 

None of the amazing accomplishments she has achieved over the last four years would have been possible without the scholarships that allowed her to come to Michigan Tech, and Bosley is so grateful for all that they made possible.

“I would not have been able to afford college without going into major debt without these scholarships,” Bosley said, “I’m incredibly thankful for not having to work multiple jobs or take out loans in school, which will help me significantly in affording grad school.”

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Sophia Goulette