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Podcast: Getting Ahead From the Eye of an Investigator

July 31, 2023 | By Emilie Jacques

Copper Shores Bridges is underway, and the first Investigators have graduated from the Getting Ahead program. Cheyenne, a graduate of the first Getting Ahead program, joined the Copper Shores Podcast to look back and talk about her experiences.

Cheyenne originally saw the program as an opportunity to get grocery and gas money to help her family. After spending some time with Bridges Program Director Mike Steber, and the other investigators, she started to see that this was something she wanted to stick with.2023-07-31-CopperShoresBridges-OL-Instagram (1)

“It seemed like a painted picture, but it widened once you actually stepped into the room,” said Cheyenne.

Getting Ahead may sound too good to be true, but it’s made possible by the joy and dedication that Steber has for each investigator. His belief in their ability to succeed helps them open up and connect with each other.

“[Mike] was definitely the cheerleader along the way,” said Cheyenne. 

She noted how important his check-ins were and still are, making sure each investigator can still work towards their goals. 

“A lot of the class was creating goals to step out of the poverty line,” explained Cheyenne. “Finding the reasons for difficulty, like childcare being one, or wages being another. Just covering all demographics in poverty.”

Through the self-reflection and goal-setting that investigators do, they also pick up a variety of organizational skills that will help keep them moving forward toward their goals.

“Being in survival mode most of the time is what keeps everyone in their spot rather than pushing forward,” said Cheyenne. “Pushing forward is the hardest and the most important part.”

Cheyenne encourages everyone eligible to take the class. Copper Shores believes that change starts with individuals. If someone is interested in enrolling in Getting Ahead or learning more about the program, contact Mike Steber at Details can also be found at

Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

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