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Get to know Project Lifesaver with Detective Lieutenant Charlie Klein

July 28, 2022 | By Michael H. Babcock

It's been nearly a year since Project Lifesaver launched in Michigan's Copper Country, and with that Portage Health Foundation thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with the project's lead, Detective Lieutenant Charlie Klein from the Houghton County Sheriff's Office. 

Detective Lieutenant Klein is the featured guest on the 63rd episode of the PHF Podcast. He mentioned that more than 20 families are participating in the program, with overwhelmingly positive comments coming from the families. So far the program has only been activated once, and it ended with the child being found moments before Project Lifesaver's technology was fully activated. 

Project Lifesaver is free to the first 50 families in Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw or Ontonagon counties. This is possible thanks to a Portage Health Foundation grant.

You can find the PHF Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts by searching for PHF Podcast. Below are a few quotes from Detective Lieutenant Klein.  

  • “To have this technology available for families is huge, not only for the families but for us as law enforcement.”
  • “Project Lifesaver has been in existence since 1999 and they pride themselves on having a 100 percent rescue rate.”
  • “This is radio frequency, the individual will have their own individual frequency assigned to them, it’s not something that can be pulled up on a phone.”
  • “Right now there is no financial obligation for a family to participate thanks to Portage Health Foundation.”
  • “The families have been super grateful for the program. Just knowing that it’s a backup system if something happens. They and we won’t be out blindly searching, we will find them.”

Learn more about Project Lifesaver, make a donation to financially support the project and find out how you can sign up someone in your life by visiting

Michael H. Babcock

Michael H. Babcock