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ConnectUP provides non-emergency medical transportation in Upper Peninsula of Michigan

In the latest episode of the PHF Podcast we talk with Clark Harder, Administrator of the Michigan Transportation Connection which received $800,000 in grant funding from Superior Helath Foundation for non-emergency medical transportation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The grant included $50,000 in funding from Portage Health Foundation and was to be used over a two-year period of time that included the full calendar years of 2020 and 2021. This podcast was recorded in July 2021 when the organizations as averaging more than 400 completed trips per month. “Most of our trips come to us through funding partners who let us know that they have the following clients who they need transportation for,” Harder said. Meaning if you or someone you know could use this service, Harder suggests you talk to the medical provider. Someone can also call 2-1-1 to schedule transportation or to volunteer to be a driver for ConnectUP. While the two year grant is just about completed, Harder said they have more than 50 partners across the U.P. and new federal funding opportunities. “The program is not going to go away,” he said.