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Lara Skoog

2024-03-13-Website-Lara Skoog


Congratulations to Lara Skoog of CLK Schools - our latest Superior Educator! Read her nomination below.

"Some people have a natural gift for inspiring others just by being themselves. Lara is an outstanding educator who leads by example, taking on challenges with grace and always going the extra mile for her students. She embodies the belief that determination can overcome any obstacle. Students not only admire her knowledge but also love how she makes learning fun and engaging. Her classes aren't just lessons; they're experiences that spark curiosity and make students excited to come to class every day. Currently, Lara is making a difference at CLK Elementary School as a long-term special education substitute teacher. She has formed strong bonds with her students, positively impacting their academic progress and behavior. Lara's genuine care and support has helped students thrive both academically and personally. Students can tell when a teacher truly cares about them, and Lara loves and supports each student that enters her classroom each and every day. Lara Skoog is the epitome of a Superior Educator. Her dedication, passion and commitment to her students makes her truly deserving of the Superior Educator award."