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Copper Shores providing support for innovative mental health solution

June 28, 2024 | By Emilie Jacques

Partnering with Baraga County Memorial Hospital’s Avel eCare Solution

Copper Shores Community Health Foundation and Baraga County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) have added another layer to their partnership, and to the wellness programming in Baraga County. Now, hospital clients that use Avel eCare, a professional mental health software designed to help first responders, also have the option to be connected to the Copper Shores Safety Net Program. 

The Safety Net Program is run by Copper Shores Outreach & Education, and is designed to help people with follow up needs after they have experienced a mental health crisis. Once first responders have used Avel to determine the immediate risk and de-escalate a situation, the Avel eCare coordinator can pass along client information to Copper Shores Outreach & Education, where the client can receive tailored help connecting to community resources and follow up care.2024-06-11-Safety-Net-Program-+-BCMH---Partnering---OL--1x1

“Informing those in need of available resources is a vital part of this program," BCMH Social Services Coordinator Michelle Smith said. "As our community-based crisis care program continues to expand, most recently with the addition of Ontonagon County on June 11, we have implemented a next-day follow-up phone call with patients, to review their safety plan and inform them of other community resources, such as the Copper Shores Safety Net Program.”

Copper Shores is staffed with trained professionals that have experience creating safety plans with a variety of clientele and circumstances. The services offered by the Copper Shores Safety Net Program are free of charge to any client in Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw or Ontonagon counties and completely optional.

“Follow-up care is provided on an individual basis,” Copper Shores Outreach & Education Program Director Kristine Martens said. “Maybe they need formal connections or a little help with housing assistance. The Safety Net Program is flexible, allowing for changes as needed.”

The Safety Net Program has been officially tied to Avel eCare at BCMH since May 31, 2024, but is not the first program between Copper Shores and BCMH. Copper Shores helped fund the original implementation of the Avel system at BCMH, helped purchase a vehicle to transport seniors to and from care programming, and awarded the James Bogan Scholarship to Gail Jestila, the chief financial officer at BCMH.

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Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

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