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Introducing Resilient Reads Book Club

February 27, 2024 | By Emilie Jacques

Book club for people who have experience with trauma or second-hand trauma

Copper Shores Victim Support is launching a book club, Resilient Reads, offering support to adults navigating their healing journey through the power of literature. 

“Oftentimes there aren’t many options we can offer clients besides therapy after they are done seeing us,” Victim Support Advocate Rachel Lamppa explained. “This is a way we can offer one more piece of support for them. Many of the people we work with feel alone, and this is a way to help them meet other people who understand and care.”

Resilient Reads Book 1-1Book clubs offer a comfortable environment where individuals can explore reading as a tool for healing. Participants are invited to share their experiences, emotions and insights about the book in a safe space. By engaging with the journeys and narratives of each book, participants can find solace, inspiration and guidance for their own healing process.

“I hope it provides them an outlet in life that feels safe,” said Lamppa.”We want to offer a safe environment where people with similar situations can come together, but are not forced to open up about personal matters.”

Every other month, members will delve into carefully selected books that resonate with themes of resilience, growth and healing. 

Participants have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share resources, and provide mutual encouragement and understanding.

Resilient Reads welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and experiences who are on their healing journey. Anybody 18 years or older who has experience with trauma or second hand trauma is invited to join.

The first book is “The Origins of You" by licensed marriage and family therapist Vienna Pharaon. The book is a national bestseller focussed on breaking family patterns and building healthy and loving relationships. The book is available for free to anyone interested in joining the club.

Participants have all of March and April to pick up a free copy of the book and dive into the first read. The first meeting will be in late May.

For more information on meeting dates and times, and receiving a free copy of “The Origins of You,” contact Victim Support Advocate Rachel Lamppa at

Emilie Jacques

Emilie Jacques

"I graduated from Michigan Tech with a B.S. in Psychology, a minor in Communication Studies, and a minor in Media Production. I love the outdoors and DnD." You can reach Emilie at