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Meet the new #GiveCopperCountry partners for 2023

November 14, 2023 | By Sophia Goulette

Our seventh Annual #GivingTuesday campaign has hit the ground running at Copper Shores Community Health Foundation and this year there are seven new nonprofit partners: Bridging Gaps Childcare, Copper Country Ski Tigers, Keweenaw ATV Club, Keweenaw Land Trust, Keweenaw Snowmobile Club, New Power Tour and Gay Fire Department Auxiliary (Sherman Township).

Meet the new nonprofits

2023-11-08-#GivingTuesday-NonprofitsAnnounced-NewParticipants-OL-1x1-1Bridging Gaps Childcare

Our first new partner, opening just recently in March of 2023, is Bridging Gaps Childcare. Bridging Gaps is an organization in Hancock dedicated to strengthening our community by aiming to eliminate parent unemployment and missed work due to a lack of childcare. With their compassionate and experienced staff they hope to bridge the gap of parents in need of childcare while educating local children in a safe and friendly environment. They believe that by bridging this gap, we can build a stronger community together. They are currently accepting enrollment for full-time infants and toddlers and are excited to help as many families as they can. Follow them on Facebook and  visit their website to subscribe to their email newsletter.

Copper Country Ski Tigers

Copper Country Ski Tigers is helping kids stay active, make friends, have fun and learn how to ski. They have enabled local young skiers to participate in skiing events, competitions and instruction for nearly 30 years. Ski Tigers serves on average more than 135 youth and also offers adult ski lessons to their Ski Tiger parents. The Ski Tigers Nordic race team has even been state champions for the past eight years. They have and will continue to teach local children to appreciate nature, value sports and the great-outdoors, and participate in friendly competition. To stay in touch, follow their Facebook and visit their website to subscribe to their email lists.

Keweenaw ATV Club

If you love going off-roading here in the Copper Country, you have the Keweenaw ATV Club to thank for the amazing off-road trails. The Keweenaw ATV Club provides our Copper Country community with safe, well-kept and beautiful outdoor trails for off-road vehicles. They work with local governments, private landowners and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to maintain up-to-regulation, accessible 4x4 trails. With trails spanning from Copper Harbor to Mass City, Keweenaw ATV Club makes sure families and friends can have fun outdoors on off-road vehicles. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook for more information on their work.

Keweenaw Land Trust

The outdoor scenery throughout our four-county community is adored by everyone who sees it, and the Keweenaw Land Trust understands the importance of treating it right. Through education, outreach, land stewardship and land conservation, they have protected more than 30 loved Copper Country outdoor areas. The Keweenaw Land Trust has helped protect and care for beautiful places all over the Keweenaw for more than 25 years. The wonderful nature of the Keweenaw is unlike any other, and with the Keweenaw Land Trust, we can keep it that way. To see all of their protected lands and stay up-to-date, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

Keweenaw Snowmobile Club

Without the Keweenaw Snowmobile Club, a major mode of transportation for our wintery wonderland would not be possible. The Keweenaw Snowmobile Club grooms and maintains 200 miles of snowmobile trails running from the Toivola, to the very tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Their annual average of total groomed miles in a season is more than 35,000, and they keep our snowmobile trails clear of more than 250 inches of annual snowfall. With their help, snowmobile trails are always available to use in our winters. Follow them on Facebook and visit their website to learn more.

New Power Tour

Low-income households can be detrimentally impacted by the cost of energy, but New Power Tour is finding ways to solve this problem. New Power Tour is dedicated to serving income-qualified households in Houghton and Keweenaw counties through energy cost reduction. They also aim to increase the use of renewable water and energy efficient technologies. With these two goals combined, New Power Tour is making big changes when it comes to energy and are here to help people just like you. To see how they can help, Follow them on Facebook, and visit their website to subscribe to their email newsletter.

 Gay Fire Department Auxiliary (Sherman Township)

The Gay Fire Department Auxiliary is dedicated to keeping Sherman Township safe. They are an all-volunteer Fire and Rescue Department specializing in fire protection services and are the primary fire emergency help in Sherman Township. They assist in emergencies ranging from wildland fire suppression to structural fire containment. The Gay Fire Department Auxiliary loves being active in their community and hosting community events and will continue to protect it. To never miss an update, follow them on Facebook.

If you would like to donate to any of these hard-working nonprofits, or any of our other partners, go to

More about #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday donations opened on Tuesday, November 7, and go until Tuesday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m. #GivingTuesday is a global movement using the strength of individuals and their generosity to celebrate nonprofits worldwide. Copper Shores calls it #GiveCopperCountry, and uses it as a way to thank all the Copper Country nonprofit organizations that do so much to build a more healthful community in Houghton, Keweenaw, Baraga and Ontonagon counties. 

In just six years, the campaign has helped put nearly $3 million into local nonprofits. This year, thanks to a generous $50,000 donation, Copper Shores has increased our dollar-for-dollar donation match to $250,000.

We have 23 returning organizations joining us for the #GiveCopperCountry event alongside these new seven, for a record total of 30 nonprofits. Copper Shores is excited to work with these new and previous nonprofit partners, and to get the word out about all the good they are doing for our four-county community.

Sophia Goulette