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Board of Directors

Copper Shores desires to have committed, community-minded individuals serving on the Board of Directors and the Committees. Copper Shores hopes that each member of the board and committees find this a personally and professionally rewarding experience serving together.

Members of the board of directors should act on behalf of and represent Copper Shores stakeholders including service recipients, funders, local municipalities/governments, and the citizens of the community. The board consists of up to thirteen (13) members. The composition consists of:

  • Board Chair
  • Board Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Up to eleven (11) Directors

The time, talents, and contributions invested by each individual who volunteers is greatly appreciated. Below are brief summaries of the board and committees obligations and roles within the Copper Shores.

Joining our Board or a Committee

To see the expectations in full detail and learn how to apply to be on the board please click here (PDF).

Board of Directors

Michele Blau - Featured Image

Michele Blau

James Bobula - Featured Image

James Bobula

Ann Clancy-Klemme - Featured Image

Ann Clancy-Klemme

James Kotajarvi - Featured Image

James Kotajarvi

Jamey Markham - Featured Image

Jamey Markham

Brent Peterson - Featured Image

Brent Peterson

Vice Chair
Savanna Rivest - Featured Image

Savanna Rivest

Bruce Rukkila - Featured Image

Bruce Rukkila

Guy St. Germain - Featured Image

Guy St. Germain

Board member
Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette - Featured Image

Bernadette Yeoman-Ouellette


Committee Members

Daniel Gianchino - Featured Image

Daniel Gianchino

Committee Member
Jon Leinonen - Featured Image

Jon Leinonen

Committee Member
John Oberdick - Featured Image

John Oberdick

Committee Member